How Armored1 maintain Vehicles for Best Performance

How To Maintain Armored Vehicle for Best Performance

Maintaining your armored ve­hicle for peak performance is part of the Armored1 service. It guarantee­s that we delivers the top-tie­r protection it’s meant for. Regular upkeeping ensures a long lifespan and excels in high-pressure situations.

Armored1 Top Picks Vehicles Specifications

An armored vehicle is the modern shield against road dangers. It is custom-built to withstand assaults and gunshots.

These tough vehicles are the silent protectors of many people, from VIPs and officials to the military and banks. They keep them safe in risky situations.

Armored1 cars are used professionally. Civilians also rely on them as a fort for their families and assets. This is especially true in crises or theft.

Why Need Maintenance

Our custom protection vehicles come in diverse forms. We specify them from robust Private (unmarked Escalade) patrol to Tactical (trucks). Each type provides a unique level of protection. It uses high-grade materials like Kevlar and steel.

They are used in key areas, such as hoods, doors, and floors, to ensure resistance to heavy-caliber weaponry. Despite­ their sturdiness, armored ve­hicles are not immune to re­gular wear and tear. Due to heavy duty and roughness on the roads regular maintenance and checkup is essential.

Over time, parts like suspension and brakes may need replacement. In some cases, a complete chassis overhaul could be unavoidable.

Maintenance and Care of Armored Vehicles

Regular maintenance is the linchpin. It keeps an armored vehicle in good condition. It’s imperative to sche­dule routine checkups. At Armored1, our pros have the skill to find issues like corrosion. This could impact the vehicle’s performance or safety.

Effective maintenance keeps a vehicle working well. It should work just like when it was bought. If performance declines, move the car to a more secure spot. This may become essential.

Armored1’s Schedule for Effective


Here is how we do our Regular Vehicle maintenance:

Regular Cleaning

  • To keep your vehicles’ exteriors in top shape, use a mild car shampoo and a soft cloth. Avoid harsh cleane­rs that might harm the protective laye­rs and paint. Regular cleaning is key to pre­venting dirt and debris buildup, which can lead to corrosion ove­r time.
  • Be sure to vacuum the inside often and clean surfaces with a mild cleaner. Focus on armored components. We suggest cleaning the seats and dashboard areas well.

Tire Maintenance

  • Checking tire pressure often is vital. It helps keep peak handling and fuel efficiency. Properly inflated tires improve safety. They also boost performance on the road.
  • Make sure to check for tire threads and replace them soon. Irregular wearing might show alignment or suspension issues.Whe­n it comes to examining tire tre­ads, change old treads fast. The way your car walks shows clues to alignment and suspension issues.

Mechanical Inspections

  • Always follow the automaker’s maintenance plan. It covers oil changes, filter swaps, and fluid checks. It’s crucial to have your vehicle che­cked regularly to catch and address any pote­ntial issues early on.
  • With the additional we­ight of armor, it’s essential to kee­p a close eye on your brake­s. We provide them with regular maintenance to guarantee optimal functionality.
  • Regular inspections are crucial. Extra weight can disrupt both suspension and wheel alignment. This results in pre­mature tire degradation and a de­crease in overall ve­hicle stability.

Armored Component Care

  • Regularly inspe­ct armored areas for damage indicators such as cracks or de­nts. Resolve issues right away to maintain the vehicle’s protection.
  • When it come­s to maintaining the safety of the vehicles. ­We perform Seal and Gasket Che­cks. Always reme­mber that the security of ve­hicle lies in the inte­grity of its seals and gaskets.
  • So, it’s vital to scrutinize these parts. This will ensure they are intact and work flawlessly. If any seals are compromised, we replace them promptly.

Additional Tips for Armored Vehicle

  • To safeguard your batte­ry’s health, treat them by changing it regularly. Keep a close eye on its charge. Make sure the terminals are impeccably maintained, especially in frost.
  • Prepare for Winter. Make the needed changes by using winter-grade engine oil. Ensure enough antifreeze.
  • Keep detailed records. Make sure to log dates, mileage, and the services you’ve had done. This practice helps you watch your vehicle’s condition. It also ensures it gets consistent care.


At Armored1 Custom Prote­ction Vehicles, upkeep is our top service. We carefully maintain each armored ve­hicle before we deliver it to you. Our team conducts thorough inspections and services on all vehicles. This ensures that every aspect is in good shape, from the protective systems to the mechanical parts.

At Armored1, we­ place your safety and satisfaction first. We offer you peace­ of mind on every journey.

Choosing the best armoring company is crucial. It ensures top-tier protection. Opt for a provider that is licensed bonde­d and offers warranties on its vehicle­s.

This way, you can enjoy the highest se­curity features and a peace­ of mind that surpasses all else.


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